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Raging Happy Fans for Dreyer Group Vancouver Mortgages
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Highlights from our Fans

Reduced Amortization

We switched from our bank and were able to reduce our amortization by 7 years!

Fantastic Rates

The mortgage rates we’ve gotten have always been fantastic and we’ve been very pleased.  Frankly I don’t know why anyone would use anybody else.

Easy Process

Well they made the process really easy… literally I don’t even have to leave my home. They’re there at a phone call or a meeting whenever I like… and they just really did a great job on making it an easy process.

Recommend to Friends

I would absolutely recommend them to our friends and family members… in fact I have a number of times.

Birthday Cake

They always keep in touch with me. I get emails, letters, notices when I can save money… and oh ya, a birthday cake every year!

Found Best Product

Yeah, using a mortgage broker is better than a regular bank because they’re able to go around and shop for the best rate and product available… and that’s what they did for us.

Peace of Mind

This mortgage team gives great service and they were right on top of all the details of our mortgage… and we had nothing to worry about … so it was a great peace of mind.

Nice Feeling

It was such an easy process just giving them my numbers and then everything was take care of. So it was really a nice feeling.

No Worries

I had enough to worry about with my business… so it was just nice to be taken care of.

Personalized Service

I tell a lot of my friends and I advise a lot of people to go to this amazing team of mortgage brokers in Vancouver mortgage because you get personalized service…

Saved $1200 Per Month

They gave me really great advice and I saved $1200.00 per month – it was incredible!

Honesty & Integrity

As an accountant, something that’s really important to me is honesty and integrity…accountability and I get that from this group of mortgage professionals.


When I have a question they have the answers.

Found the Best Rate

I’m on the computer, I’m checking, and looking doing comparatives and I’ve never been able to find a rate better than what they has given me.


Using Vancouver Mortgage Brokers as your mortgage broker team will ensure you have access to the widest mortgage choices on the market

We have helped thousands of happy clients. We are here to help you. 

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