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Mortgage Professionals New Chair, Jared Dreyer

on 03 December 2015
Jared Dreyer Mortgage Broker Chair of Mortgage Professionals Canada

Jared Dreyer, Vice President, VERICO Financial Canada, is welcomed as the 2015-2016 Chair of Mortgage Professionals Canada (formerly CAAMP).

TORONTO, ON, December 03, 2015 -- By way of Executive Board Election, Jared Dreyer of VERICO Financial Canada is proud to accept the role of Mortgage Professionals Canada Chair.

The Canadian mortgage industry employs tens of thousands of people and represents over $80 billion in funded mortgages annually. It helps hundreds of thousands of Canadians purchase homes, renovate their homes and access home equity each year.

"With such an influential industry, both in terms of individuals impacted and its financial significance to our country's economy, it is imperative that all parties in our industry work together to guarantee a long-term viable and healthy mortgage industry for all Canadians," says Dreyer.

"As we move forward into 2016, the Board's focus will be to ensure the delivery of timely and relevant information to our members and mortgage consumers, while promoting the benefits of responsible borrowing and homeownership in Canada. Working with government, lenders, insurers and regulators, the Board will continue to advocate for sustainable policies that strengthen our economy while maintaining a choice-filled market," says Dreyer. "We will also continue to focus on promoting consumer awareness by highlighting the value of using a mortgage broker. We will provide our members with best-in-class education on responsible industry conduct and standards - resulting in professional guidance of consumers throughout the mortgage process," says Dreyer.

Alongside the Board, Dreyer is looking forward to continuing to make constructive decisions within the mortgage industry to ensure an effective mortgage marketplace that is a continuation of a strong economic environment for Canada by making home ownership accessible to all Canadians.