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Mortgage Benefits for ASTTBC Members

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Your ASTTBC Membership gives you access to  special promotions and discount for Mortgage Services.

Dreyer group Mortgage Brokers has been selected to provice superior mortgage broker services, mortgage rates and options to members of ASTTBC. Plus, a portion of every mortgage funded goes to the ASTTBC Foundation for post-secondary technology students and for STEM education activities in BC.

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Working with a mortgage broker makes sense.
Dreyer Group Mortgage brokers research Canadian mortgage products, negotiate the best rate with the best terms possible, and offer you a braod range of lender options to choose from. They deliver professional and unbiased financing advice. In most cases, working with Dreyer Group mortgage brokers can secure a mortgage rate up to 2% less than Bank Posted Rates (based on individual qualification) They also pre-approve your mortgage and hold mortgage rates for up to 120 days.

Dreyer Mortgage brokers will continue to shop your mortgage to get you the best rate right up to 10 days before the mortgage funds. Long after the mortgage funds, they too will watch your mortgage looking for opportunities for you to save money if rates change or mortgage features change.

There is no cost (on approved credit) or risk for you to work with a broker – who will save you time, and may end up saving you thousands of dollars in interest on your financing! If you are a member of ASTTBC, contact our broker partners Dreyer Mortgage Brokers

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