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What Do Mortgage Brokers Do?

What we do as Vancouver Mortgage Brokers

Independent Mortgage Brokers in Vancouver and Canada, work on their clients’ behalf to negotiate with a wide variety of lenders to secure your best mortgage rate and terms with a wide variety of lenders. 

The bottom line is your bank only has access to a limited number of mortgage products.

Would you only look at one vehicle when buying a car?

Dreyer mortgage brokers compare mortgage products, advises you on choices and presents you with the best options based on your individual circumstances at no cost to you.* Plus we do all the running around. ...

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I know, you’re wondering why you haven’t used a mortgage broker before. Don’t worry, you’re not the first but word is getting out. 1 in 4 Canadians and 35% of Vancouver homeowners now use mortgage brokers to negotiate mortgages on their behalf.

We want to help you secure the best mortgage and be financially free sooner!

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Why Us?

Vancouver Dreyer Group Mortgage Brokers:
  •        Watch your mortgage rate throughout the term. If we identify an opportunity for you to sieve money, we let you know
  •         Continue to renew your mortgage year over year to ensure you get the lowest rate with the best lender
  •         Do huge volume which allows us to negotiate even better rates and mortgage terms
  •         Are mortgage experts. It’s all we do
  •         Only pull one credit check and shop many banks
  •         Access a wider choice
  •         Charge nothing on approved credit
  •         Access specialized broker-only lenders who can offer even more attractive rates and terms
  •         Are a large team giving us access to lenders and products other mortgage brokers can’t get
  •         Make the process simple and easy for our clients
  •         Do the majority of our business online, by phone and email so it’s really easy
  •         Are fully independent so you are our priority
  •         Talk directly with banks, credit unions and trust companies to negotiate your mortgage
  •         Give a portion of every mortgage we fund goes towards safe housing for kids

Do we sound like a company you want to do business with? We want to do our best with you!

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